Ivo Santos

visual art/design


I’m a Portuguese artist/designer based in Berlin. I’ve studied and worked in the fields of communication, art and design over the last ten years.


What I Do

Most of my work consists of photography and the design/curation of interfaces, magazines and spaces.


I shoot both digital and analog, small, medium and large format (4x5). I have a lot of photo retouching as well as some studio and lighting setup experience.

UI/UX Design

I colaborate with top companies mostly in the automotive and medicine industries to develop high quality screen interfaces with strict safety standards.

Editorial Design

From small publications that play with typography and photography around a particular concept to bigger projects with strict grids and styles.

Art Direction

I'm involved in the curation and the development of visual identitites and concepts for art spaces and brands.


Selected Projects

Here you can find a small sample of the projects I've been in charge. From student organized projects, to medium size companies, to industry giants.

C Evolution

Disruptive new screen interface design for the first electric scooter from BMW. Website


First Assisted Surgery Robot made in Germany. I was involved in the development of the remote unit interface design. Website


A minimalistic website design for an Italian family company, involved in the production of technical articles made of elastomer and liquid silicon. Website


New interaction concept and interface redesign of design:lab Weimar’s website based on existent visual Identity. Website


Grenzen is the 8th issue of Horizonte magazine for architectural discourse, it explores the ramifications of borders as limiting constraints and effects of its trespass. Website


Art gallery and platform for a variety of exhibitions, workshops and other art related events. (photo and artwork by Carlos)


Get In Touch.

If you like what you've seen so far and you're interested in getting an extended pdf version of my cv and portfolio, or just in meeting up for a coffee don't hesitate to contact me.